When You Need Lighting Effects, Use Speedlight Pro Kit – But Umbrellas are Still Good for When it Rains…

When You Need Lighting Effects, Use Speedlight Pro Kit – But Umbrellas are Still Good for When it Rains…


Newbie Deciding on Lighting Kit: Suggestions? (At Speedlight Pro Kit USA, we have some). The following question, along with some ironic and interesting observations, comes from a member of the Strobist Community on Flickr.

MilkMoneyMedia says:

Hello everyone! I recently bought a Canon Rebel T1i and am trying to pick some lighting equipment. I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to get one of the one light kits here: (The flashes themselves seem to run around 200, so these kits seem like a good deal).

I’m just looking for some input from people about the differences between the 260$ kit and the 350$ kit. The difference is that the less expensive kit has an umbrella (instead of a speedlight pro kit) and a cactus radio slave set.

The speedlight pro kit looks far more useful to me than an umbrella, any thoughts?

I appreciate the help!
Posted at 10:04AM, 17 November 2009 PST ( permalink )


Dear MilkMoneyMedia:

Perhaps you have answered your own question! If you’d like excellent, portable, durable versatile lighting effects (diffusing, reflecting, focusing, gels, and the like) for your Canon, and you truly want professional caliber photographs, then go with Speedlight Pro Kit. When you need to keep dry in a rain shower, buy an umbrella. As for the part about the "cactus radio slave set", we wouldn’t dare comment in mixed company. (stop laughing, fellas).




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