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I am not a conservative, nor a liberal, nor a democrat, nor a republican, nor a categorical "joiner," nor a flag-waver, nor an anarcist, nor a terrorist, nor a reformer. I am a student of all aspects of life, and a writer who works at inducing thought and decisiveness in my readers, all of whom I am privileged to have. I am a Global Futurist and an Internationalist. Principally, and in principle I am an advocate for the respect and evolution of Humanity and Human Thought.
I believe that debate, questions, occasional acts of inappropriate conduct, provocative speech, teamwork, trust and bursts of breakthrough brilliance are all healthy, wonderful stimuli. While we all belong to the same species (even my neighbor, Ralphie), we are each individuals, and the sanctity of the individual and freedom of thought are precious to me.
Arch-Conservative Bob Livingston is someone with whom I am frequently in disagreement. But he makes some very good points from time to time, albeit in a heavy-handed manner. In reading the following from Bob’s PERSONAL LIBERTY DIGEST, I would ask that you ignore his style and get to his substance — and its implications.
Let’s never give up our right to think, to speak and to share. Work with me to protect them. In fact, let us work together to protect them. Open Human interaction in interworked cooperation fosters amazing synergy. [reference the Interworked Cooperative Business Community, or "ICBC" as promulgated and currently under construction at THE NATIONAL NETWORKER COMPANIES. Join them at http://twitlik.com/IN.
And now, to Bob Livingston…
Douglas Castle

Who Among Us Doesn’t Want Law and Order?

November 19, 2009 by Bob Livingston 

How have we evolved into a faceless people? How did we become politically correct?

Sometimes, when I get galled and tired from the tasks of the day, I watch the national news. What do the newscasters really say? What news do they really tell us in America?

I am duly impressed by how articulate they are and how they never say anything. They are trained icons at having NO OPINION.

It’s my conclusion that to be politically correct and socially acceptable in America is to be a faceless people. Just have no opinion.

Oh yes, we can master the King’s English as long as we don’t say anything. Does this remind us of the three monkeys who “See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil?”

This is modern America, faceless and soulless. Scripture suggests that we are neither hot nor cold and that God spews us out. (Rev. 3:15-19) So how do we learn? How do we approach reality?

I have my own rules. My rule—and I have taught this to my children—is to believe just the opposite of government and political pronouncements. This is the most direct route to sobriety and a peek at the real world.

The system can thrive with no opinion. With this syndrome, “they” can milk us and shear us and keep us on the animal farm. We are as docile and obedient as cattle.  We can be intellectual giants and, as far as practical reality, be complete idiots.

But what if our inner soul begins to suspect disharmony of and disgust with the monotony of the system and the sickening conformity of the masses? The people can have literally the firepower of armies and still be under disciplined control, just so long as they believe the lies of the system.

How else can countries field multi-million-man armies that really don’t know who their enemies are, but are willing to fight to the death for some nebulous propaganda? Ignorance is not bliss. It is sorrow and death.

If we do not know reality we cannot know right from wrong. We have no moral ethic or restraints.

There is a system. Outwardly and ideally it is the rule of law and a moral order. Inwardly and secretly it has an unannounced agenda of human and population control, regardless of the name of the system or the form of government. The same secret elite rules. They have the power of life and death through and with thought control.

There can be no secret elite without thought control. Man must not be allowed to think his own thoughts, but must think the thoughts of the system. And he must not know the difference.

Mind control is used to extract wealth and human freedom without consent. The most perfect crime is when the people who carry out the will and purpose of the system do not suspect the complete shroud of thought control. They suspect nothing.

There are those who see and there are the many that are blinded. What gives us perception and vision? Knowledge is the mechanical attribute of the brain.

The world is floating in knowledge. There are thousands of universities and colleges. This is the black and white world, the rote and the mundane.

But wisdom only filters through to a very few. They are the ones who see with their souls and with their spirits. Their vision is as the colors of the rainbow. Spiritual vision cannot be known or communicated to the vain.

Words carry knowledge but words cannot carry wisdom. Wisdom is perception and spiritual discernment. It is to know God and reality.

It is the evolution of consciousness. It is the fullness of life on earth that God intended. Blessed are those who have it!

It is beautifully described in Madame Ghis’ book “Madame Ghis: Escape In Prison.” In it she wrote:

“My soul showed me that the world in which I live is made up of lies and illusions. Reality can only be perceived with the soul’s eyes. With her (my soul) help, I learned that behind the tax system and all other systems, we find slaves without chains, human beings who are ignorant and unconscious of being the property of the State.

They trust their government enough to entrust it with their children, their health, their property and their entire lives. Citizens cannot guess that the State is a mere legislator and tax collector working for the bank of Canada, and a cartel of private bankers.

When I became aware of this situation, I decided to put an end to my life as the subject of a ‘higher’ authority. How could I do this?

By doing the exact opposite of what I had been doing before. How does a slave behave? Like a domestic dog. He submits to the will of his master who uses it as he wishes. In return, the master feeds it and brings it security. The more docile is the dog, the better he gets treated.”

Madame Ghis is a prison name given by inmates to Dr. Marie Eva Sophie Ghislain Lanctot, a medical doctor who speent a few months in prison for refusing to conform to the income tax system in Canada. She has written several revealing books, “The Medical Mafia,” “The Trial of the Medical Mafia,” “What the Hell am I Doing Here Anyway,” and “Madame Ghis: Escape in Prison.” They can be bought at  www.personocratia.com.

How do we become aware of the illusory world in which we live? How do we come to understand that law, finance, politics and religion are all interconnected?

Everything turns on the individual imperative to inquire. Do you know that most people do not inquire? They ask no questions. They seek no information.

We who inquire are few. We speak of the battle for our minds. We seek freedom from lies and deception which saturates our lives. Self change and release from deception is not easy, nor is it comfortable.

It is very difficult for the ego to let go of old habits of thought and lifelong, cherished attachments. The inquiring person reaches reality according to his own level of consciousness.

What then does the fascist state not tell us? What does the state not want us to know?

They do not want us to know that we do not think our own thoughts, but those of the system. They do not want us to know that we do not have human freedom, that democracy is a myth.

They do not want us to know that we have imaginary money that transfers wealth and savings to the state.

They do not want us to know that public schools and universities are government schools. They indoctrinate us with the system so that we cannot evaluate reality.

They do not want us to know that the medical system is a front for pharmaceuticals and a marketing vehicle for their drugs.

They promote a sickness system to sell drugs. The American people are fast discovering that sea salt and water are more medicinal than all the drugs.


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