Why Edwyn Collins?

Why Edwyn Collins?
Certain things belong together. Certain things retain a certain originality…a purity of style. Certain things are immoral and immortal in their very foolishness and immorality. And we hate ourselves for enjoying them. They stir something primitive in our souls — despite our denial, they dwell in each internal hell. Author Stephen King referred to this (I’m paraphrasing here) as "Having to lift up that sheet in the morgue."
It’s morbid curiosity; it’s compulsion; it’s the abandonment of the veneer and vestiges of civilized, conformist life.
Edwyn Collins sang "A Girl Like You" ("I Never Met a Girl Like You Before…") some years ago. I went surfing about my car radio to find that song at every opportunity until my friend Jay put me out of my misery by making a CD of the song so that I could play it over and over while I drove about on August nights, windows down, speakers blasting.
It’s distorted guitar (like "Incense and Peppermints"); it’s tribal C minor 60’s heartbeat (the "Wall of Sound"); it’s seductive women in silouette doing a James Bond movie trailer dance; it’s fiery, shifting geometric imagery,  framed video overlays,  red-orange fever in black and white. It’s powerful stuff. It’s distracting. In the likely event that the YouTube Video Player screen doesn’t appear immediately below these words, you can submerge yourself in this temporary break from the strictures of sanity (odd….rhymes with Sean Hannity…paradoxical and irrelevant) by clicking on this link:
There is a sound toward the end (hitting a "C" note in sliding octaves) that sounds incredibly like a dentist’s drill.
Thank you for indulging me.
Douglas Castle

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