The Global Recession and the United States.

The Global Recession and the United States.

Dear Friends:

THE NATIONAL NETWORKER (TNNW) is conducting a survey about the economic recession and recovery in the United States. The survey is comprised of a series of very basic questions asking respondents’ opinions about the cause of the recession, the likelihood that the US is actually in a recovery, and related issues. Most of the respondents will be subscribers to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, to THE NATIONAL NETWORKER Newsletter and The BLUE TUESDAY Report. For the most part, these respondents represent a very different group (demographically, geographically, culturally, educationally, and in numerous other psychographic aspects) than the readers of THE INTERNATIONALIST PAGE and THE GLOBAL FUTURIST.

I would be deeply indebted to you (although I probably would be advised by legal counsel not to put this in writing) if you would take the time to complete the survey (it is very brief), and to give me your candid thoughts regarding the supplemental questions (8 through 15) at the end of this article.

Our world is interconnected, and politically-defined sovereign nations are increasingly interdependent. Combining these indisputable facts with the speed and ease of communications from any one point on the globe to any other, every country has an effect on every other. The United States, long regarded as the most powerful and influential country in the world has experienced an incredibly rough ride for these past two years, and perhaps (although not publicly disclosed) for some time before.

Your greatest contribution would be to add an Internationalist and non-US perspective to the responses generated by this survey. The results of this survey (TNNW Survey # 5) will be published on a number of social media platforms as well as on these blogs within a day or two after the poll is closed on January 20th, 2010. The survey and supplemental questions follow below. As always, you are invited to join THE NATIONAL NETWORKER as Member at no charge, and to receive their free Newsletters, Updates and other valuable information and intelligence. Click on for your free membership — then (if you are not exhausted, and provided that dinner isn’t on the table), click on in order to get either the RSS feed or the once-daily Email. I highly recommend both.


TNNW SURVEY # 5: The Economic Recession/ Recovery in the United States

 During the course of these past two months, a combination of governmental spokespersons, economic pundits and conservative/ mainstream newscasters have been speaking in optimistic terms about the beginning of a US economic recovery from the nation’s deepest recession since the Great Depression of the 1030’s. THE NATIONAL NETWORKER (receive your free membership at wants to know your views about the recession and the "signs" of recovery.

Please take this quick multiple choice survey to give us your professional and personal input as to what you truly believe.

Expatriates and non-US citizens are welcome to join us in this important poll. We thank you all for your valuable participation and comments.

Click HERE to take Survey #5




1.     Do you believe that the worst is over, and that the US economy is on the road to recovery?

2.     What do you think the true (actual) US unemployment rate is?

3.     Do you believe that banks are becoming more aggressive in terms of extending credit to consumers and to businesses?

4.     Is your business or practice experiencing an increase in customer or client business at present?

5.     Do you believe that The Federal Reserve System, The Treasury Department and the White House are being truthful with respect to the economic situation of the United States?

6.     Do you believe that The Federal Reserve System, The Treasury Department and the White House are being responsible and proactive in their handling of the recession issue?

7.     What do you believe that the greatest single cause of the recession was?


Click HERE to take Survey #5


This Survey will close on January 20th, 2010, so please have your answers back to us as soon as possible! Thank you, once again. -TNNW

TNNW Survey #5 is being conducted with the co-sponsorship of THE GLOBAL FUTURIST and THE INTERNATIONALIST PAGE.

For those of you who are trend observers, dedicated Futurists or Internationalists, here are several other you questions you may wish to ponder, or to comment upon. Your feedback is most welcome indeed. In fact, at the end of this article there is a COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLE button. Please feel free to use it to write anything that you wish in response to the questions which follow. You may comment using your name, or anonymously if you would prefer. Your answers are very much appreciated and will provide very valuable into a study which I am conducting in conjunction with several colleagues in the fields of economics, psychology and sociology. Here are the additional questions for your consideration:

Supplemental Questions To Ponder

8.     Do you believe that the United States led or initiated the global recession? If so, in what way?


9.     Do you believe that the rest of the industrialized nations are emerging, or have now emerged (for the most part) from the global recession?


10.   Do you believe that the United States is lagging behind these other counties in its recovery (if in fact you believe that there is a recovery underway), from the global recession?


11.   What nation, or top three nations do you believe will be the world’s most economically viable by 2015?


12.   What do you believe will be the world’s strongest hard currency by 2015?


13.   Do you believe that the global recession has advanced/ hampered the cause of Internationalism and a unified global economic and governmental structure?


14.   What are the top three assets (all-inclusive, internationally or domestically) in which you would invest your wealth (assuming that you had funds available to invest) today TO MINIMIZE ANY LOSS by 1015? Note: Your primary directive is the preservation of wealth.


15.   What are the top three assets (all-inclusive, internationally or domestically) in which you would invest your wealth (assuming that you had funds available to invest) today TO MAXIMIZE YOUR GAIN/ CAPITAL APPRECIATION by 1015? Note: Your primary directive is maximum investment growth.


Once again, thank you all so much for reading me, and for your collaboration with me in making this study as informative as possible. I am most grateful.




Douglas Castle  



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