About Christine West

Recommendation of Christine West, of The Business MD, by Douglas Castle, of The National Networker Companies. Christine is a Featured Columnist for The National Networker Newsletter

Note: This recommendation will also be appearing in LinkedIn.

 "Christine West is an authoritative and outstanding writer, speaker and advisor on matters relating to industrial psychology, especially where organizations are aggressively seeking means to increase employee satisfaction, cohesiveness and productivity through the elimination of fear as a basis for either decision avoidance or decision-making. Dr. West understands the nature of fear, and is an agent of change for any group, company or organization wishing to move forward toward greater profitability by addressing the "Human Factors" which govern all social and business units. She gives a dynamic presentation every time, with great enthusiasm and passion for her subject matter — perhaps more importantly, she makes things happen and gets quantifiable results." –Douglas Castle

About DouglasCastle1
For further information about my professional background, please view any of the following resources: MY LINKED IN PROFILE: http://www.linkedin.com/in/douglascastle; MY PROFESSIONAL BLOG: http://GlobalEdgeInternational.com

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