Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings!
Dear Friends, Worthy Adversaries, Unworthy Adversaries, Esteemed Colleagues, Family, Unacknowledged Family (pending the outcome of a massive paternity suit), and other persons neither identified nor otherwise included in the preceding list:
If I am not mistaken, we are at mid-point (or perhaps just over the hump) of Hanukkah, the Hebrew Festival of Lights. From an historical perspective, it is important to remember that at some time between Moses’ forty years of wandering in the desert and the creation of Adam Sandler (who looks a bit like my ex-wife’s friend’s husband, Barry), there was a songwriter named Tom Lehrer who had (or has, if he is not dead yet) an incredible catalogue (if you use Twitter, this would be "catalog") of satirical, hysterical and somewhat controversial music which lampooned virtually every institution sacred unto Humankind.
Whether or not you celebrate Hanukkah, whether or not you spell it with a "C" instead of an "H," whether or not you are one of those people who quietly curses and maligns the Jewish People (or, for that matter, who maligns any other ethnic or religious group) and blames them for all of your failures and suffering, you will doubtless enjoy the musical experience which follows, sent to me by Gabriel — not the Angel with the trumpet, but the guy in Mahopac with a guitar — a dear friend and an exemplary Member of our Species.
If the YouTube Video Player fails to appear immediately under these words, simply click on: for slightly delayed gratification.


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