Braintenance: Brainwave Entrainment Samples

Braintenance: Brainwave Entrainment Samples
Dear Friends:
I have been a long-standing proponent of brainwave entrainment.
While I cannot and do not guarantee results, I believe that the three samples which follow will provide you with an interesting, relaxing and perhaps enlightening experience.
These recordingas are best enjoyed in a quiet, disturbance-free environment, while seated in a comfortable chair, and using high-quality stereophic headphones to give you the purest sound while simultaneously blocking out external noises.
Enjoy them, and let me know what you think. Your brain has an uncanny ability to deplicate (or resoate) with patterns introduced to it through our perceived senses. The possibilities for learning by simple entrainment (without any conscious effort) hold great promise>
About The Samples
The samples are 10 minute recordings which bring you through Alpha, Theta, and touch upon some Delta. They do not focus one specific goal, but allow you to take a "Full Ride" through some of the most important ranges. The main purpose of the samples is to let you feel the power for yourself and decide what technology is right for you.
1. Headphones Recommended
Binaural Beats require headphones. Monaural Beats and Isochronic Tones do not. If headphones are available, definitely use them with all recordings. Headphones allow your ears to receive the frequencies in their purest state. If no headphones are available, position your speakers on either side of your head as you listen.


2.Give The Recording 8-10 Minutes
Lowering your brain’s operating frequencies usually takes more than 5 minutes. Stubborn minds may take 8 minutes. Don’t rush the experience, or doubt the power. Be open to influence and you will feel the power.

3.Lay Down In Peace As You Listen
Meditation and Yoga doesn’t work in a noisy atmosphere, and neither do Binaural Beats! You must avoid outside interferences and be comfortable. Find a peaceful room, lay back, and close your eyes as you listen.
4.Focus On The Sounds
As you listen, focus on the background sounds. Let your mind drift, but don’t hold on to conscious thoughts. 
5. Download the Samples Now!
We have 3 samples for you to download and try. Again, they are a full ride through Alpha, Theta, and some Delta. They are not geared for any one subject. These recordings were produced by the Unexplainable Store and not by Douglas Castle, Braintenance or Internal Energy Plus. They are merely brief samples:

Enjoy the experience, and let me know how your fare with these samples. I have a comprehensive library of entrainment, subliminal and hypnotherapeutic tapes of greater length and superior quality. Let me know if you should have an interest, and I can make these entrainment tools available to you inexpensively,


Douglas Castle


Regarding the issue of the paradoxical cliches, here are two definitions which will help for your to distinguish between necessity and desperation:



1. the state of being desperate or of having the recklessness of despair.
2. the act or fact of despairing; despair.

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2. the fact of being necessary or indispensable; indispensability: the necessity of adequate housing.
3. an imperative requirement or need for something: the necessity for a quick decision.
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6. a state of being in financial need; poverty: a family in dire necessity.
7. Philosophy. the quality of following inevitably from logical, physical, or moral laws.

Best regards, and respectfully,
Douglas Castle

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