The Blue Tuesday Report




In this issue:


Part 1:  In This Issue…

Part 2:  BLUE THINGS (a.k.a. Intelligence Items)

Part 3:  Selected Advertisers



In This Issue…


Wishing you and your loved ones a Joyous Holiday Season!!!

1.)  TIME IS RUNNING OUT ON THIS MONTH’S SURVEY (BLUE THING #1) about U.S. economic recovery…over or just the beginning? – voice your opinion now.
2.)  AMAZING NEW FACTS AND STATISTICS (BLUE THING #3) this week we present some Christmas facts.
3.)  MOST MEMORABLE QUOTE OF THE WEEK (BLUE THING #7).  QuoteAction’s  Rick Itzkowich lives for the power and message of famous quotes.  See what’s on his mind this week.
4.)  GREAT WEBSITES AND BLOGS TO EXPLORE (BLUE THING #8).  Set a course for adventure!  Alphabetical zoo – great for families.  A real life Hobbit-inspired, low-impact house.  Internet browser market share timeline.  2009 Worst Prediction:  Particle Accelerator causes Doomsday.  Read the world’s greatest classics online for free.  Discover the 8 principles of fun.  Lessons for hand drumming enthusiasts and more.
5.)  BACKTALK (BLUE THING #10).  Like reading TNNW articles?  Join the crowd and here what they have to say about us!

BLUE THINGS: Collect them all!  Be the first on your block! 

Intelligently yours,

Adam and Douglas


Blue Things (a.k.a. Intelligence Items)



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