The (FAT) BLUE TUESDAY Report – Special Mardi Gras [That’s French!] Issue.

The (FAT) BLUE TUESDAY Report – Special Mardi Gras [That’s French!] Issue.
Note: This issue is dated February 16, 2010, but you’re receiving it via RSS or Email two days later! You say, "Why, that’s an outrage!" We respond (self-righteously), "Well…the RSS and Email are only Supplements to the actual TNNW Weekly Newsletter and The Blue Tuesday Report. Why don’t you subscribe to get those publications for free, and get your membership to the TNNW GICBC by clicking on right now? C’mon. We’re waiting for you!" After you’ve joined us, click on each of the ever-popular, highly-complimented Blue Things below to gain valuable insights and some entertainment, as well. Hurry…they’re getting cold!

We are delighted to announce that Featured Columnist and Publishing Consultant Ms. Beth Barany is now the Editor of BACKTALK. Click on BACKTALK to find out about what other Readers are saying about our articles, our featured columnists and our publications. We are a very interactive community, and our Readers provide us with comments, observations, ideas and precious feedback. Their comments add valuable content to our intelligence and information mix.

Again, congratulations to Beth, and our apologies to her as well…she’ll have her hands full trying to edit out all of the profanity that our readers unabashedly shower upon us. Not to worry — Beth is strong. In fact, you might want to do a Google search about Beth Barany to learn more about her.

All of the very best to our Readers and Members.

Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle

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