The “Manifestation Phenomenon”

The "Manifestation Phenomenon"
Dear Friends:
We all have certains ideas, ambitions, desires, needs and wants. They preoccupy us, they distract us, they sometimes provide a temporary escape from the roar of the hustlin’ mob…and very occasionally, they move us to take action. Since most people are a bit hesitant (a euphemism for "lazy") to take dedicated, commited and well-planned action, they believe that if they visualize something with enough intensity (i.e., the object of their desires), it shall manifest to them — through an opportunity — through apportment via a door to another dimension — through the magnetic power of the subconscious — by divine intervention, or by public transportation.
Dreaming and visualization ar absolutely necessary to all manifestation, but if we want something, invariably some work will be involved along the way. The idea is to work efficiently, with a focus in the right direction, and with perseverance. Not necessarily hard labor. Just smart work. It also helps to have at least a rudimentary understanding of the laws of physics, human physiology and behavioral psychology.
For example: I’d like to be six feet tall. It has yet to manifest.
If you’d like to manifest something in your life, you will actually wind up (sigh!) working to attain it.
Personally, I would like to suddenly manifest (like materializing an elephant out of the ether) all of the money that people have spent during these last ten years on books and CDs about Manifestation. That would be a tidy stake. Then I would take that stake and sell their stocks short. I would be very rich. Don’t be driven by the notion of a panacea…be driven by desire coupled with a commitment to action.
Douglas Castle
p.s. The advertisement below was freshly-harvested from my spam box just this morning. It appeals to the laziness and quest for one-step magic in all of us. You might find it silly, but you’ll also be enticed. Since it came from my spam box, I have also fulfilled my daily obligation to recycle. You are invited to do the same by forwarding this message to someone you’d like to keep in touch with.

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