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Here are some of your comments on our recent articles published in the TNNW Weekly Newsletter, the Blue Tuesday Report, and our other infomedia, publications and special bulletins: 

DOUGLAS CASTLE: Douglas Castle Rants

Meetings (gasp!): Kill or Cure? How to Have Great Ones

"When I first had to hold staff meetings, I realized that none of my academics included collaborative problem solving – planning and decision making in groups. From a course of self-study, I stumbled across the work of Doyle and Straus from Interaction Associates, and their book became my meetings bible. I tried to implement their concepts into my meetings and quickly realized that things were not working because the staff hadn’t had the same exposure as I had to D&S. So I started each meeting after then with brief training sessions with the challenge to try each new concept in the following meeting.

The meetings (process and results) improved dramatically.

So my point is only that the participants and their performance are just as important to meeting success as preparation and chair. When you ask around, most participants have zero academics in meeting process. How to participate in meetings is like sex. Something we learn ‘on the street’ and are expected to be good at? Lots of bad sex out there and meetings are no different!"

Lock Hughes

DOUGLAS CASTLE: The Global Futurist

Frightful Demographics

"Outstanding article, Douglas — These facts are SO important to know, and I did not know them. The question is, how can we get this knowledge — this alert — out to the countless millions around the world who also need to know — especially including the people who don’t even care and don’t even know that it’s crucially important for them to care? Thank you so much."

Ann Barczay Sloan
Author & Writer / Creative Writing Coach

BILL DOERR: Sales and Marketing

The Marketing Shift

“Along my travels I stumbled on the point that there are two parts to ‘customer service,’ the customer and the service. Simple but profound. We’re all customers, so it’s not a leap to step out of your role and relate to your own customers. Do it then ask: are you interesting or helpful enough to talk about?

Bill brings up a timely point. Word of mouth marketing is not new and will always be something to ‘hope for.’ The difference now is it seems to be the only effective way to rise above the shouting competitors. To be effective however it requires a strategy and [a] systematic process.

@Rick You mention a very fundamental point. People prefer to do business with others they like and trust. Without that folks might be talking to you, but they’re not talking about you."



Remember Bush 41’s “Read my lips, no new taxes” fate? Does President Obama?

"Brenda, I agree with this and I also am a big fan for term limits. Our politicians need to be treated just like any other employee and since they are elected they seem to think they can behave by a different standard. Great article. I am sending it around."

Gary Brewer

"Brenda, American politics is not my cup of tea. Having said that, I believe President Obama inherited a broken country and knew from the onset of his administration (even before) that things would not run smoothly for him, that the tax pledge would be hard to keep. I don’t blame him for that as much as I blame him for not holding those responsible for the country’s financial collapse accountable.

Tim Geithners’ appointment and Ben Bernanke reappointment were slaps on the face of hardworking taxpayers who witnessed their fortunes (and their country’s) erode while these two gentlemen did backroom deals that saved the very banks that almost brought us down in September-December 2008 with their risky behavior. And not a single board member from a single Wall Street institution lost their job either."

Claudio Brandt

"Great article Brenda! Really puts Government policies and politicians’ actions in ‘layman’s terms.’ The comparisons you make between employer/employee hiring situations, as well as the way we (families) govern our spending in contrast to Government spending, brings to light a very simple solution to issues that are not as complex and difficult to achieve as Politicians make us believe they are. Thanks…enjoyed the read!"

Astra Baltayan

"Just read your article Brenda… Wow, great job, real food for thought. I recommend this website to everyone who has a political opinion and wants to see this country take a turn back to accountability!"

Linda Strausser

"Brenda, Nice article. I really loved the line:

‘The politician elected was selected over the other job applicants based on their interview presentation. What they represented in the interview process does matter, and this is where accountability when they get the job starts.’

So true! Nice work. And welcome to TNNW!"

Bill Doerr, CCO
SellMore Marketing

RICK ITZKOWICH: Being There When It Counts

The Opportunity for Change

“Your views about change are ‘spot on,’ Rick. There are 3 things you can count on. Death; Taxes; and Change. Say your prayers; Pay your taxes; Prepare to change."

Mark Storey

"Hi Rick, thanks for sharing the article. I thought it was a brilliant piece of writing! Very thought provoking."

Sarah Schuh

ANDY LOPATA: Connecting Is Not Enough

Ten Tips to get your referral message across (Part Two)

"Thanks for your comments Bill and Rick, I’m pleased that the article is helpful.

I like the idea of impression management. The concept of ‘what people say about you’ is so important yet overlooked, particularly by people using social networks."

Andy Lopata

JOE J. WALLACE: Living Outside the Box

Why are Banks Waging War on Small Business?

"For more inspiring and maddening information, give a read to Les Leopold’s book called Looting of America just released as a paperback. Great read and listening to an interview with him this morning on KPFK reminded me of what a mess we face in our national (and global!) financial affairs. Let’s all ACT and CHALLENGE our political leadership to do better for all of us. Demand that they draw up rules that protect us and makes sense, not just enrich the top 1%! AARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

Be well and fight the good fight."



Give Me Truth

"Christine, A mentor of mine once said this to me:

‘You can have anything you want as long as you are willing to provide it for yourself.’

Your article really brought this back to my attention. We say we want things but we are not willing to do much to have them. You’re absolutely right that it all starts with the truth. Thanks for posting."

Rick Itzkowich
Creator of QuoteActions

"Christine, that was GREAT!! It says so nicely what I try to instill in people in my anger mgt. and other classes. Most of these people are court, or probation mandated, so I need say no more about their mindset or past behaviors.

Your article describes the process gracefully and eloquently. Nice job. I really have to apply these principles to myself also, something that I find that I don’t do. I get so busy trying to help others with courses, NLP techniques and principles, and don’t take time for myself.

Thanks for this article, It was meant for me."

Jerry Richardson

"Great article as always Christine. Although, what you propose is not easily done as old habits do indeed die hard. The unfortunate part of all this is in order to truly achieve truth in every aspect, we need to fundamentally change the system that encourages the opposite. We are taught from a young age that we need to conduct ourselves honestly, yet we are given examples – be it by television/movies (the movie wall street as one example), that it is OK to veer away from the truth if it will translate into success.

The problem Christine is that we live in a society that does NOT classify a successful person as an honest one – on the contrary, we look at success in terms of money and power and all too often, those are gained through dishonest measures.

Keep up the great work – hopefully more people will listen and you can affect change."

Jay Engelmayer

The National Networker Companies

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