QuoteActions – A Lingovation is Born!

"QuoteActions" – A Lingovation is Born!
Dear Fellow Denizens of the Dictionary’s Depths:
I, Douglas Castle, inventor of the art, science and very term of "Lingovation," do hereby proclaim that, in the noble, innovative and entrepreneurial tradition of such trend-setting lingovations as the term "Omnigadget" and "Hyper-hyphenation," The Honorable Rick Itzkowich has this day added the terms "QuoteActions" and the singular form, "QuoteAction" to the ever-growing bank of Lingovations, and that the same Honoerable Rick Itzkowich is thusly proclaimed a "Lingovator"  (women are more appropriately termed, in the singular, Lingovatrix) and a "Lingovationist" by my decree, and with the endorsement of The BLUE TUESDAY Report.
If you fancy yourself a Lingovator (and wish to be associated with the likes of Rick…), you must simply become a Member of TNNWC (it’s free) at http://www.TheNationalNetworker.com , and then  submit your OWN UNIQUE LINGOVATION (by clicking on the link that you just passed) for due consideration.
Let the record reflect the original submission, thusly, and to wit:
Date: Friday, August 6, 2010, 12:27 PM

Type your Lingovation here. *
Clearly define the precise meaning of your Lingovation here, and give an example of it used in a sentence if you wish. *
Short motivational quotes accompanied by an action item to bring the quotes to life.
Your name, as you would like it to appear. * Rick Itzkowich


Shout it from the mountaintops, scream it to the heavens, blast it on social media, Google "QuoteActions", send Rick a card… a Lingovation and its brother are born today: QuoteActions and QuoteAction.


Douglas Castle

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