The Real Jobs Report at 9 March 2011

This Article, written by Douglas Castle, Chairman and CEO of TNNWC Group, LLC, was first published in THE GLOBAL FUTURIST

The Real Jobs Report at 9 March 2011

Statistics can indeed be misleading.

The Information which follows is presented here courtesy of They are not a mainstream news source — they are an alternative news source with a whitleblowing (admittedly, nobody truly loves a “snitch” — Look at what they’ve done to Mr. Assange of WikiLeaks! – He must be spoiling many a corporate victory party) and activist agenda (not unlike the dangerous agenda of that chap Paul Revere, who ratted out the British …”To arms, to arms, the British are coming!” to the rebellious colonies on that piece of turf which eventually became known as the United States Of America.


Before I present this information, I just wanted to mention that the difference between a “snitch” and an “investigative reporter,” might be as simple as the difference in their respective agendas. The snitch tells his or her tale for money or self-protection, at the expense of others, while the investigative reporter tells the truth for the benefit of others so that they may learn something new and, if they choose to, act upon it. I have respect for intrepid amd courageous investigative reporters and journalists who serve the interests of the public, often at great risk to themselves. If you are merely a snitch, you already know that you’ll never be quoted by me; you also know how I feel about you. ////

The content follows. Sometimes statistics can be very misleading, such as those promulgated by mainstream media with powerful corporate or government sponsorship, which tend to be riddled with conflicts of interest. If you want news, it can be difficult to get. If you want propaganda, sometimes the mainstream media is simply the servant its financial sponsorship, or those with the power to shut it down with lethal force. Think about this. ####

The Real News on Jobs
Robert Reich, Robert Reich’s Blog: “Are we making progress on the jobs front?.. To get to the most important trend you have to dig under the job numbers and look at what kind of new jobs are being created. That’s where the big problem lies… While the biggest losses were higher-wage jobs paying an average of $19.05 to $31.40 an hour, the biggest gains have been lower-wage jobs paying an average of $9.03 to $12.91 an hour. In other words, the big news isn’t jobs. It’s wages.”
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I hope that my readers will find this information more useful than irritating. It signifies a call to action to empower the entrepreneurial and small business sectors to produce real demand for real jobs at reasonable compensation.


Douglas Castle