Entrepreneurs and Stress: Heart Health Alert!

Entrepreneurs and Stress: Heart Health Alert! 

Entrepreneurs growing their businesses work incredibly long hours with very limited rest, and with very limited diversions. The rewards of this intense dedication and initiative may lead to business growth and prosperity – But what good are these achievements if you do not live to appreciate them?


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There is mounting evidence to support the theory that excessive, uninterrupted and intense working hours may be killing you. In an article excerpt which follows (excerpted from CBS 2 via Yahoo! News), statistics support dramatic increases in the risk of coronary artery disease and heart attacks caused by the increasingly-popular obsessive work habits of owners of small businesses, emerging enterprises and entrepreneurial start-ups. 

NYC routine that could shorten lifespan

Many New Yorkers do something that may increase the risk of heart disease by 67 percent. Ways to compensate

The direct link to the video: http://news.yahoo.com/video/us-15749625/24792662

Some ways in which you can protect your heart from your overzealous mind have been suggested in various TNNWC articles and columns, and they include:

1) Take frequent, brief (even as short as 15 minutes) breaks away from your work and communications tools at least every two hours;

2) Spend at least 30 minutes to an hour per day exercising, meditating or engaging in an activity that represents a total diversion from your work;

3) Take breaks to eat lunch and dinner — and do not wolf down your take-out triple lardburger while sitting at your desk and monitoring your computer and communications devices. Eat slowly;

4) If you are able, get out two to three times daily — leave your office or home work station environment behind.

5) See your physician or primary health care provider regularly – especially if you develop the slightest symptoms of exhaustion, depression, anxiety, feeling weak or “winded”, or experiencing any pain in your jaw, chest, left arm or elsewhere. Your pulse rate, blood pressure and other vital sign indicators must be monitored. Never delay attending to your health because “you’re too busy right now.”

6) Laugh as often as possible, and enjoy background music (or music breaks) while you work;

7) Take one day per week off from your entrepreneurial endeavors and devote it to other things (interactions and activities with friends, family, etc.) that satisfy the child inside of you who needs to find distractions, needs to play, needs to daydream and who needs to connect with others. Isolation is physically and emotionally dangerous when taken to extremes.


Entrepreneurs are the initiators and thought leaders who are the collective engine of a productive economy and permanent  jobs creation. They must stay healthy and strong, physically as well as fiscally, if global economic recovery is ever to become a reality.

Faithfully, Douglas Castle, Chairman and CEO, TNNWC

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