Small Business Alert – Growing US Export Support and Incentives

Small Business Alert:  Growing US Export Support and Incentives.

This information is provided to you by ICS (“International Connections Service“), a Division of TNNWC which provides your company with all of the resources, expertise, applications and guidance necessary to have  your own Virtual Export Department…without travel, additional overhead costs, or extra staffing. All that is needed is 1) your computer and 2) Skype, or access to any other international VoIP telecommunications service. Learn more about Going Global at ICS.

The first publication of this article, which was written by Douglas Castle, was in The Internationalist Page Blog

There is good news, and there is better news for US small businesses wishing to increase their markets and sales to the growing global consumer and B2B marketplaces.

There are  loads of programs offered through the Department of Commerce, the SBA and ExIm Bank to help you to either 1) distribute your goods or services internationally, or to 2) partner with international companies in order to reduce costs and increase productivity transnationally. The difficulty is in trying to find these programs, navigate them, speak with the right individuals, ask the right questions, and provide the appropriate documentation (ICS is a US-based international trade facilitator which runs this guantlet for you, so that you can get it right without trial and error, and the vast consumption of time that is involved in working through a multi-headed bureaucracy).

The is also good news, and there is better news for non-US businesses wishing to become re-sellers or US goods or services, or who are desirous of partnering with US firms for expertise, valuable intellectual property and internationally-known brands. With the US economy experiencing a slow recovery, and with the US government removing many of the barricades and impediments that existed to open international trade previously, the possibilities for non-US firms wishing to take advantage of technological transfers, US branding and a cheaper US dollar (at least for the time-being) are virtually limitless. You might wish to talk to ICS in order to gain a foothold with the right US-based firm.

For some additional information, courtesy of the NFIB (“National Foundation Of Independent Businesses”) SmartBrief Newsletter, you might wish to read the excerpt which follows. While it doesn’t give you the critical details of the process, it gives you a flavor of the US Government’s renewed vigor in re-capturing its trade dominance and international entrepreneurial standing:

Federal push to increase small-business exports gets results
More small businesses are opening up shop overseas as the Commerce Department and other federal agencies continue to push exporting for small firms. John Carr, sales manager for Missouri-based Osagian Canoes, which recently opened a factory in Denmark, said a Commerce Department workshop on exports “opened my mind to possibilities. It’s not that big of a world out there.” USA TODAY (4/6)

From the standpoint of larger US companies outsourcing and offshoring activities, don’t expect any significant shift toward repatriating or reversing those processes in the near future; regardless, you can expect the small businesses, emerging enterprises and the entrepreneurial sectors of all productive nations (industrial and agricultural) to lead the way in building strong international bridges, while tearing down old walls.

This news bodes well for the entrepreneurial sector and the growing consumer markets throughout the world. Expect that it will also be accompanied by an increase in non-bank (or non-traditional) specialized financing and credit enhancement and an increase in the amount of business-to-business and business to consumer commerce being conducted via e-commerce portals


Douglas Castle, Internationalist


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