Re-Humanize – Even If It’s Only For A Moment

Face Your Feelings – It Is An Act Of Courage

Allow Yourself  To Show What You Feel (At Your Most Vulnerable Moments) To Another Person – It Is An Act Of Courage, and of Faith.

Message: We pretend to be who and what we are not. Each of us does it. After a while, we begin to lose our own sense of identity — circumstances or other people’s categorizations seem to define us. We lose the connection we once had with our innermost dreams. Our once bottomless, deep well of infinite possibilities seems to have run completely dry.

The post which follows was stolen (with permission) from my RadioDAZZ blog at It will also find its way to my Sending Signals blog at .

The most difficult thing to do is to face your fears. Perhaps the second most difficult is to face your own feelings, directly, without rationalization. If you have incredible courage, and you have a friend with incredible courage, watch and listen to the YouTube Video together.  You’ll find out much about yourself…and you might find out a great deal about the other person.


Take some time to watch this beautifully choreographed modern dance piece (it will bring to your mind’s eye a feeling of the unfolding, yielding and blossoming of a flower, or of a secret woodland dance of water nymphs as seen from a vantage point in the forest bordering the lake — yet, behind it you will feel a deep longing for freedom – an undercurrent of melancholy. It is rare, delicate and awe-inspiring. Both the dance and the music – perfectly paired.

The song is “Sweet In The Morning,” sung by Bobby McFerrin (the under-celebrated vocal virtuoso best known for his a capella version of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”) who never made it quite as big as Al Jarreau, but did have a short season of sunlight and some memorable airplay.

The dance troupe “belongs” to Evolve Productions, with K.G. aka Gabriel Ash’s Choreography: Fantasy Showcase.

Sweet In The Morning,” is a powerhouse of a  subcultural song. If you’ve been there or if you’ve really been through it (and “it” means something shatteringly traumatic), it might be difficult to hold back the tears. There’s no shame in it – maybe tears are the soul’s own baptismal cleansing — or perhaps they are unsuppressable evidence, like a leak in a dam, that we are still Human inside, despite the age of automation and 140-character text or tweet messages.

Be Human. Listen and Watch. De-stress. Get it out of your system.

Simply click on the link below, or on the YouTube Video Player, if it makes an appearance in your browser…

It knocks you out sometimes. It is frightening to discover your own sensitivity. It makes you feel vulnerable and naked. Like a child.


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