Visionaries: Thought-Leaders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs – Pros And Cons


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VisionariesThought-Leaders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs – Pros And Cons

Being a Visionary is a difficult calling. Firstly, you don’t always know exactly who was “calling you” in the first place…perhaps your own conscience or subconscious….perhaps the Universal Consciousness…perhaps an angel of God…perhaps some form of hallucination in a brief fit of psychosis. All that you can know is that you’ve experienced an epiphany (or a revelation) which came to you from someone or somewhere, and that you feel compelled to act on it.
This action might take the form of shouting, writing, building, destroying, a combination of destroying and then rebuilding (remember the movie, “Field Of Dreams?”), plotting, running away, creating a work of art, or starting a business… it varies from visionary to visionary. I’ve been told that the building of an ark (at one point in history, as it is represented in the Old Testament) was a rather poor business decision from a return-on-investment (ROI) perspective for the builder, but that the virtue of having constructed it and helping the passengers (a true study in interspecies diversity) was its “own reward.”
Being a Visionary is a lonely affair. People (the non-visionary populace, the crowd, the court of public opinion….however you choose to reference it) is sometimes taken aback by the nature of your revalation and they try to discourage you from acting on it or speaking about it. Sometimes they shutter you up in a dungeon, or make you drink a hemlock cocktail, or just have some evil covert operations pros make it look like you’ve had a “tragic accident.” It all depends upon whom your vision may threaten.
On the other hand, people might hear your words and be so moved, and so powerfully influenced that they will come to worship you as a prophet. Of course, some people would prefer to sacrifice you at the stake, or on a cross, because people occasionally do that type of thing when a) they feel their power in jeopardy; b) they don’t like what they are hearing, because it is too painfully true; or c) they believe it would be a good idea to offer you up as a sacrifice to the gods.
Usually what happens is that you go through a process:
1. You have a vision;
2. Your pinch yourself or take a wash your face with cold water;
3. You confide in someone;
4. Your confidante spreads the word (via parchment, telephone calls, a newspaper article or social media buzz), and others hear;
5. A few people are inspired and begin talking you up;
6. The “word” gets to some of the people who are invested in something which is threatened by your vision;
7. You are sacrificed;
8. Some years later, you are virtually deified as having been a “brilliant thinker,” ahead of your time. In fact, you are respected and worship.
The sad part of this process if that step 7 occurs before step 8, which means your victory is awarded you posthumously.
Having heard all of this, are you certain that you still want to be a Visionary? If not, everyone will understand. If you still want to proceed on the path that you are called to follow (despite the above 8-step process), the world desperately needs you. And there is a remote chance (very improbably) that you will survive the experience and revel in its rewards before you are either in a straightjacket, wearing depends, or in an urn over someone’s fireplace.
Douglas E. Castle, Chairman, TNNWC


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