Douglas Castle, And The Other Douglas Castle

The Other Douglas Castle


Douglas Castle, also referred to as “Castle Douglas” or “Castle Dangerous,” the regal remains of which legendary and celebrated edifice still stand today in Douglas, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, is not in any way related (regrettably) to Douglas E Castle, the common-born chairman of TNNWC Group, LLC, who currently resides in the United States of America.

The latter-mentioned Human Being does not even bear a remote genealogical relationship to any of the members of Clan Douglas. In fact, he has never even had an opportunity to visit his namesake landmark; further, the closest that he has come to nobility is by the place of his birth; the Borough of Queens, in the City of New York.  He collects no rents, receives no royalties and levies no taxes on any Gaelic (or other) persons or establishments in the Realm of Douglas.

 He has neither a serf nor a servant in his retinue – besides, serfs and servants are terribly expensive, and in this tempestuous and challenging economy they would be a conspicuous extravagance. The neighbors and stakeholders would ask too many questions.

About The Other Douglas Castle:

The information which follows is provided courtesy of Wikipedia™, one of the Human Douglas Castle’s favorite resources:

 “Douglas Castle. These ruins are also known as Castle Dangerous (after being immortalised in Sir Walter Scott’s Novel of the same name) and lie in beautiful parkland east of Douglas. Most of the ruins were demolished because of Subsidence in the 1940’s but this castle was once home to the Black Douglas family and has a long and bloody history.”

 Douglas Castle was a stronghold of the Douglas family from medieval times to the 19th century. The first castle, erected in the 13th century, was destroyed and replaced several times until the 18th century when a large mansion house was built in its place. This too was demolished in 1938, and today only a single corner tower of the 17th-century castle remains. The castle was the former family seat of the Prime Minister, Alec Douglas-Home. The castle was located around 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) north-east of the village of Douglas, South Lanarkshire, in south-west Scotland. The remains are protected as a category C listed building.[1]

The Douglas family built the first Douglas Castle, which was constructed of either wood or stone, sometime before 1288.[2] In 1307, during the Wars of Scottish Independence the castle was captured and garrisoned by the English under Lord Clifford. Sir James Douglas, companion of Robert the Bruce successfully recaptured his family seat by storming the castle on Palm Sunday, while the garrison was at chapel. He had the garrison killed and thrown into a cellar, before the structure was burned. The event has become known as “Douglas’ larder”.


For information about the far less-glamorous Douglas E Castle, simply scroll down to the footer of this article posting.

There. I guess that should serve to clear things up a bit.


Douglas Castle

[Composed of flesh, bone and blood, and not of brick, stone or other construction materials. Considered by some to represent a sentient life form, this Douglas Castle is made of 100% recycled genetic materials, and is fully biodegradable – at a faster pace than he would like]

Illustrations Follow:


Castle Douglas - The Edifice In ScotlandDouglas Castle - The Human Being (Not In Scotland)


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