Ageless Beauty And Cognitive Enhancement In Women – Citicoline

Antiaging and the extension of youthfulness, both superficially and esthetically, as well as cognitively, continue to be of tremendous importance to women. The notion of “ageless beauty” is ageless in itself.

The combination of Ageless Beauty (achieved surgically and non-surgically) and cognitive preservation — the slowing down of psychological aging — is a marketer’s delight in a world of consumers who happen to be female. 

Topically, women’s skin cremes, serums and treatments sell at tremendous markups and have large markets. They contain a variety of ingredients which either cause exfoliation, moisturization or collagen “plumping”. Some of these include Vitamin C acid, topical Q-10, Vitamin E, squalene (squalane) oils, tretenoin, hyaluronic acid, various palmitoyl polypeptides and a variety of other media-popularized fad formulations.

More recently, the results of an interesting study, show that a particular chemical agent, citicoline, may actually actually help preserve cognitive abilities in women as they age. A brief link to an article follows for your information:

The above article and the study which it describes show some significant promise.


Douglas E Castle

Note: This article was originally published in the Reason Out Of Randomness Blog, where it was titled “Ageless Beauty And Cognitive Enhancement In WomenCiticoline“, and in a slightly different format in the Life Extension And Enhancement Blog.

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