TNNWC Mission Statement – Power, Passion and Punctuation

A company’s or organization‘s Mission Statement is usually some very generic, trite, politically-correct, Humanitarian-focused brief  (a pretty-sounding paragraph) put together to state either the unimportant or the obvious. Occasionally, a smaller organization which doesn’t hire decorticated wordsmiths will write its own statement, but those statements (while more interesting than the previous type) tend to be more like summaries of operations, or like “wishlists” of something that the founders or owners would like to be when they “grow up.”

I am delighted with TNNWC’s Mission Statement; so much so, that I felt obligated to reproduce it here. It is a study in power, passion and punctuation:

Mission Statement

  “To provide comprehensive consultation, critical information and to find the best-suited technological tools and systems for client entity formation, strategic business planning, organizational development, problem-solving, personalized support, capital and sustainable, profitable growth. To stand right beside our clients through the use of all new tools and the implementation of all systems and plans.                                                                                                       

To focus our diverse expertise, experience, resources and Human Assets on emerging entrepreneurial enterprises, growing businesses and companies in need of restructuring or reorganization –- from entrepreneurial start-ups to small- and mid-sized organizations worldwide. 

To be a proactive, participatory partner and champion for the empowerment of the international private business sector through providing and continuously overseeing scalable, financially-responsible solutions to business challenges and to the attainment of client business objectives.

To conduct each client engagement with a view toward encouraging integrity, cultural sensitivity, diversity, regulatory compliance and the notions of responsible corporate citizenship, sustainability and awareness of the ever-growing and ever-changing global economy, with its trends, difficulties and opportunities.

To offer each of our clients an unsurpassed level of service, accessibility and commitment.”

Note: The above Copyright © 2011 by TNNWC Group, LLC. All rights reserved.


Believe it. Take a look at TNNWC’s website Version 3.0 at In defining our mission, we actually refined and focused our business plan, re-focused on our real goals and most superior skills, and became freshly enthused. It served as a catalyst to bring us together.


Douglas E Castle