New Product Release: The MPower Escape Case™

The MPower Escape Case


 Description Of Product: The ideal “James Bond” office-in-a-box solution for every entrepreneur, professional and corporate executive, MobileLogic’s sleek, versatile, case-solved travel case is the ultimate attaché to immediately organize, consolidate and carry all of your communications and information gear (including those cords, chargers, portable drives, and the rest of your stuff) and to charge it all up while you’re waiting between meetings. The magic is that this case consolidates, organizes and integrates your gear into itself, like a second skin. Of course, it’s ergonomic, durable, weather-resistant, shock-resistant and high-utility, as well as sexy.

Designed And Manufactured By: NewVision™ Mobile, Inc., trading as MobileLogic™. The company is an early-stage developmental enterprise which is in the process of negotiating $1.25 million in capitalization (in order to initiate production), and is entertaining discussions with prospective master distributors having established market channels in order to address the global markets.

Inventor, Founder and CEO:  DJ Sherman, an understated but wildy-enthusiastic entrepreneur who has been bootstrapping the company for more than two years, and has obtained financing through friends, fans, and true believers in the quality and integrity of the product, as well as its Founder.

Product Sneak Preview: The company, a TNNWC client (website:, has what must be the world’s most hilariously entertaining preliminary website (its actual site is being developed now) at We would suggest that you visit it, AND THEN COME RIGHT BACK HERE. When you’ve stopped laughing, continue reading, please. We know, we know – the website flash presentation should be on YouTube.

The Market: The retail consumer market is international, comprised of all mobile information and communication device users who have to travel to go to appointments, to meetings, to conferences or on other trips. These people must have their offices with them at all times. With the increase in telecommuting, flex-time employment, device dependency, social media domination and constant interactivity, and with the heartless-but-real expectation that every business person has to be accessible and have access to all of his or her “tools” all of the time. The market is phenomenally large and growing, and also includes students (early-adopters) and other technophiles-in-the-making.

The product will be available in a standard version and a premium version, each with its own sub-market. The standard version, which will be manufactured in several different color patterns, will likely sell for $89.00 to $109.00, whereas the premium version will likely sell for $289.00 to $309.00.

Company Status:  Company has engineered its product design, and is the process of obtaining new artist renderings of finished product. The product will be built in the United States, and in excess of fifty full-time employment opportunities are expected to be created within the next 2 years.  For further information, contact Stuart Pressman of TNNWC at 888.317.6498.

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