Entrepreneurial Company Helps Small Businesses Grow, And Creates Employment Opportunities.

According to Mr. Danco Sotirovski, the innovative energetic entrepreneur who founded WorkFly, Inc., a  Michigan– based early-stage company which has built its own business plan,  has done its MVP (minimum viable product) analysis of its own concept development, and has funded itself to the point where it is ready to launch, business is just a matter of common sense applied to problem solving. But Mr. Sotirovski has very, very big plans.

Yes, Danco Sotirovski has developed a genuine economic stimulus package, The WorkFly Workforce Project, which would revive the small business sector, encourage consumerism, and create jobs for virtually anyone who was read, willing and able to work…part-time or full-time.

Perhaps Danco should have a series of private sessions ( I would encourage him to do this at no charge, as a professional courtesy and as a patriotic, frustrated American — not unlike myself and my colleagues at TNNWC Group, LLC) with Ben Bernanke, The FOMC, The U.S. Treasury Department, The U.S. State Department, The United Nations, President Obama (and his “blue ribbon” panel of advisors), The European Central Bank, as well as every head of state in every country suffering from a spoiled economy in a feeble state of [cue laughter from audience] “slower-than-expected recovery.” I’ve seen more activity from the displays in a wax museum than I’ve seen in the U.S. and so many of the other giant industrialized nations.

The enthusiastic and engaging Sotirovski is using a time-tested but brilliantly tweaked platform (think about Angie’s List, Craigslist, eHarmony, eBay and all of the other companies which have made millions upon millions of dollars by matching consumer needs to vendors and service providers, or by using a variation on this matchmaking theme) to create a means for connecting small-local businesses throughout the country with local consumers who need their vital services on an immediate or near-term basis.

These small businesses sign on (at a nominal fee) to become part of WorkFly’s core data base, which then steers these businesses to compelled, pre-qualified customers. A customer can order a search for, let’s say, five local vendors to fix a plumbing or automotive problem.  This efficiently connects struggling small businesses with a stream of client opportunities — just as it provides a wonderful service for consumers who are “ready to buy NOW!” Value is added on both sides.

Workfly is actually creating an economic stimulus to bolster the survival and profitability of local businesses throughout the country, but he is helping frustrated, overwrought consumers to gain an immediate solution to their problems by being the conduit and connection agency.

None of these small local area businesses could ever afford this type of finely tuned direct customer marketing on its own. They are leveraging Danco’s very valuable platform to develop top-quality client-direct business referrals without incurring (and in fact by sharing!) the cost of Danco’s consumer-to-business and business-to consumer matching platform.

This is not just marketing…this takes the place of endless mass mailings, telephone cold calling, and building up the large fixed cost associated with having an entire computer-assisted direct sales force in house. Danco has created a bridge between smaller local businesses and the consumers that need them the most.

He has also taken what would be a tremendous start-up financial barrier to local area consumer-direct sales done the old-fashioned way. Workfly, Inc’s using wonderful technology to solving economic problems on both the supply side and demand side of economics.

Workfly, Inc. adds true value to both sides,  to the consumer in need and to small, local businesses which can now be putting their employees, tradesmen and underutilized capacity back to work. This business plan is precisely what entrepreneurship, productivity and capitalism are truly about.

It’s better than a bailout, or the creation of non-value-added government agencies creating busywork “employment” opportunities which are actually subsidies. 

WorkFly’s profitablility depends upon its ability to:

1)  Get local area small businesses throughout the US to register (i.e., get listed) with Workfly;

2) Get consumers to recognize the WorkFly brand — and to call up or email Workfly in order to get responses from multiple businesses, tradesmen, etc., whenever they “need something fixed”. Consumers appreciate the tremendous savings of time and expense when “one call does it all,” directly from home.  

But remember… in order to get thousands of small local area businesses to register (at a nominal charge, and for all the calls that they can handle), and to raise consumer brand awareness, both consumers and business need to know about WorkFly. And the ambitious Mr. Sotirovsky has a way of doing both while creating jobs. Seriously.

“The Workfly Workforce™ Project: Entrepreneurial Economic Stimulus Package”

It’s simple. Any individual who registers his or her name with WorkFly who has some time can visit local area small businesses, get them registered with WorkFly as his or her own “Clients”, and receive a commission on every consumer referral received by every one of these Clients from WorkFly.

This might seem small at first, as WorkFly only charges these small businesses each time that they are referred a “hot lead” from a consumer through WorkFly’s service. But it can create a permanent and growing stream of revenue for any enterprising invidual who wants to spend ten minutes (or less) talking to a local area small business about the cheapest, most efficient source of leads ever created.

Think of the business opportunity for students, Baby Boomers, or anybody who wants to earn money. A potentially unlimited income.

The math is impeccable.

Here’s a very basic example:

 If I sign up register one business in my neighborhood with WorkFly, each day, and that business receives 10 referrals per month (at a fee of $1.00 per referral), my ongoing commission (at a rate of 10% of the fees to WorkFly, Inc.) per month will be one dollar. One dollar per month forever (well, not exactly forever, but for some lengh of time) for 10 minutes of talking to a local business owner.

Here’s where WorkFly’s entrepreneurial opportunity gets exciting…

If I’m not contented with $12.00 per year, I’ll just sign up one new business every week. Easy enough? Let’s see:

After the first year, I would be receiving, let’s just say, $12.00 per year from 50 (if I take two weeks off  out of the year for a vacation with my in-laws — always a treat) small businesses which I have registered with WorkFly as my Clients. This is $600.00 per year — year after year.

If I’m not contented with $600.00 per year (and I’m not), I could register twenty businesses per week (an hour or so each day), which would be approximately 1,000 Clients per year, to generate a total income for me of $12,000.00 per year.

If I continued this schedule, after three years, I would be making $36,000.00 dollars per year on an average investment of time of one or two hours daily. And I have no ongoing maintenance work to do once a Client is signed up.

The cost to a Client for WorkFly’s stream of leads is so insignificant (even in today’s dollars), that I don’t have to sell at all. I just walk in, explain, get a “Heck, yeah!” from my local locksmith, and I’m finished.

And, incidentally, if I continue at this leisurely pace for 5 years (again – working about an hour or so per day), I would have an annual income stream [even if I were to stop working] of a spare $60,000.00 per year. Not bad. Beats Unemployment, or waiting to be “de-hired.”

Of course, If I actually wanted to take this seriously and work at signing up an average of 10 businesses per day (50 businesses per week, or 2,500 Clients in one year’s time), I could actually be generating an income of $30,000. 00 per year — after three years, I would be making $90,000.00 per year. If I stopped there, I would be making a sustainable, passive, recurring income of $90,000.00 per year without working.

Small, visionary early stage companies like WorkFly, Inc. make the long-sleeping “American Dream” an attainable, realistic goal. I can work as much as I want to generate as much income as I want — and I don’t have to worry about getting fired, collecting unemployment, or becoming a denizen of the “underground economy.”

If this WorkFly WorkForce opportunity had been presented to me when I had just graduated college, I would have worked for five years and retired at 26.

Danco Sotirovski asks the question that every American should be asking: “Why do I have to be out of work just because there’s a recession?”

WorkFly is currently in early-stage discussions with some patriotic venture capitalists and a few prospective “angel” investors.


Douglas E Castle, Chairman, TNNWC Group, LLC