Visionaries Needed!

Subject: Collaboration Experts and Visionaries Needed.


Dear Colleagues:

I am aggressively seeking collaboration experts, advocates and thought leaders who are interested in writing (brief entries as part of a cooperative forum) and promoting their views about any of the topics below, as well as in working collaboratively on some cutting-edge projects:

·         Collaboration software, conferencing and related technology;

·         Collaboration ideology, theory, models, best practices and philosophy;

·         Breakthrough thinking through collaboration;

·         Equitable sharing of the efforts (costs) and benefits (profits) of  intellectual property and other assets developed through the collaboration mechanism – possible distribution formulas;

·         Trends and future predictions regarding the expansion of the practice of collaboration and/or the technology associated with it, as well as its possibilities for socio-economic change on a grand scale;

This effort is being undertaken in conjunction with The National Networker Companies (, and has the promise of being high-profile.

Should you have an interest, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this project with you in greater detail. The Group will be called "Accelerated Breakthroughs," and will be working under the auspices of TNNW’s GICBC (Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community). We already have a substantial readership and prospective market base upon which to showcase our group, and to whom we can intelligently and tastefully promote the services of each of our principal forum participants. There exists a tremendous opportunity for participation in the ownership of valuable intellectual property, publication and promotion.

You can find my profile at, or at .

Please send your inquiries and expressions of interest directly to (a pop-up instant email form). Please write the word “Collaboration” in the subject line of your correspondence. 

I hope to hear from you very soon. Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,                              

Douglas Castle