Branding Yourself – Your Personal And Professional Brand


Negotiation, Deal-Making, Trend-Based Forecasting, Structuring International Co-Ventures, as well as Strategic Planning And Risk Containment; each with a problem-solving or goal attainment orientation; all in an environment which focuses on the special needs of entrepreneurs and emerging enterprises, in a scalable, cost-effective and highly efficient manner.”

Yep. The above declaration is actually the answer to the understood (but all-too-frequently unasked) question: “Douglas Castle, how can you help my company?” or, less tactfully (but perfectly acceptable by New York’s unique cultural and etiquette standards), “You seem like such a smart guy — but waddaya really do?”

Hence, my reason for writing this article, originally titled (in its original form) as published in Douglas Castle’s Burst Of Brilliance .001 blog: “Self-Promotion: Defining Your Skill Set For Focused Social Media And Business Networking

If you have a multifaceted background and a tremendous variety of interests or areas of expertise, you are difficult for others to define — to qualify and quantify you. Your broad scope of of potential assets may actually be working against you in a media-bombarded, sensorially supersaturated society that demands split-second descriptors of everything. Our societal ADHD is not getting better — it is getting much worse. There is simply too much information and not enough filtration.

In the first paragraph of this rant, I have defined who I am by describing what I do, how I do it and whom I do it for. I’ve needed to be more specific in order to have people find me more easily.

Sadly, although the idea of putting myself into a career coffin is less than appealing, each of us have to clearly define what we do in order for people to either locate us via search engine keywords, or by simple querying. I feel as if my career has been reduced to an “elevator pitch.” But then again, I no longer have to sweat and stammer at any of those breakfast meetings where each attendee has two minutes to define himself or herself to rest of the group.

On a positive note, I can either offer the description set forth in the opening paragraph of this article, or I can simply say (with my chest puffed out), “I am the Chairman of TNNWC Group, LLC, a management consulting company which addresses the specific needs of emerging business enterprises with scalable, cost-effective and efficient solutions to achieve sustainable growth and profitability.”

It is now every entrepreneur’s or executive’s responsiblity to create two identities for himself or herself:

1) A description of what you do, how you do it, and for whom you do it; and,

2) A titled association with an entity, followed by a brief description of what that entity does.

Now that I’ve identified myself, it’s your turn to identify yourself. I’ll ask you again, soldier, identify yourself!


Douglas E Castle

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