Entrepreneurial Stress? You Need Some Quick Music Therapy.

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Music breaks and meditation are the greatest ways to distract and de-stress yourself from the rigors of your work and the burden of your worry. Most meditation (regrettably) requires either singular focus (excluding all but one, singular powerful thought or absorbing image from your conscious mind), or emptying your mind (the Japanese Zen Masters refer to this as “Thinking With No Mind” — and to think that they discovered this years before Paris Hilton was even conceived!), which latter protocol is very difficult for me. My mind is too cluttered to fully empty out without a cleaning crew to rival the U.S. Army Corps. Of Engineers


Music has the benefit, however, of actually pulling the mind away from where it is headed and setting it off in another direction. This response to music is instinctual and effortless; like blushing, it just happens. Music is the fastest, most direct route to relaxation and escape (meditation, auto-hypnosis, chanting [mantra or prayer] and Scripting included) that I have ever experienced.


Bossa Novas and Sambas (both are forms of Brazilian Jazz) hypnotize me… and transport me to a perfect and pristine beach by a gentle turquoise sea. Antonio Carlos Jobim is one of the ambassadors who brought the gift of this supremely serene and relaxing style of music to the United States.


Antonio Carlos Jobim is truly a master composer (and performer) of beautiful Brazilian Jazz. This song is just one beautiful example. By the way, if you start on the first beat of any bossa nova and utter the words “Rio de Janeiro” between the first and the second beats (you’ll be whispering it twice per measure, without pause), you will be amazed at the rhythmic synchronization you’ll have with the brushin’ percussion. Now there’s a coincidence!


Tom (? some nickname, eh fella?) Jobim performs his song, Desafinado, that he wrote with Newton Mendonca. Joining him are Joe Henderson, Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden and Al Foster. This is from the 1994 PBS special, Carnegie Hall Salutes the Jazz Masters


Just click on the link below and take a five-minute (I’m not good with time) trip to paradise. Don’t worry — RadioDAZZ always guarantees your safe return.




To make things even crazier, a beautiful young Asian artist sings “Bossa Nova No Cafe” — a cute, light little baby bossa nova which represents the ultimate in cultural (con)fusion…A Japanese singer, singing lyrics in Portuguese (and some English and Japanese, as well) to a Brazilian Bossa Nova Beat. Neat? You Betcha.





Hope that you enjoyed these samplers. Please come back for more. They’re free. And I can always find more for my guests.

Douglas E. Castle

p.s. If you are reading this post on WordPress at Reason Out Of Randomness, this is just an experiment. Then again, so’s life.

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