UPDATE BULLETIN – TNNWC Group – 06.21.2010 – Preview

UPDATE BULLETIN – TNNWC Group – 06.21.2010

PREVIEW (somebody leaked this…)

Dear Members and Friends:

Much is happening at TNNWC Group, LLC., and with our grand work in process…our GICBC.

Firstly, Bonnie Ross-Parker, the Founder and CEO of The Joy Of Connecting, The Latina Joy Of Connecting and the Chairperson of TNNWC’s newly-created Cooperative Business Committee, has entered into a strategic partnership with the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance. The DSWA announcement and news release follows. The DSWA joins a proud crowd of cooperative and networking organizations which have favored Bonnie with their endorsement and support. Notably, Bonnie offers her licensees the most highly-acclaimed training, resources and ongoing support of any interpersonal business relationship-building program available.


We are proud to share more about Bonnie Ross-Parker, recently recognized as one of the women chosen to be honored as "A Woman of Achievement" in Atlanta, Georgia. Hundreds of women were nominated, and our dear Bonnie was one of only nine chosen for this special recognition. Her picture and bio were displayed with the other distinguished recipients on the Wall of Fame as part of the Princess Diana traveling Exhibit.
Nicki Keohohou and Bonnie Ross-Parker believe the program that Bonnie has perfected over the last 8 years is one that you will want to know about!  Please click on the link below to enjoy a fascinating and business expanding read through all that Bonnie has to share, teach and bring to you!
Bonnie would welcome a call from you in order to strategize if this innovative and heartfelt method of building your contacts is a match with The Joy of Connecting marketing platform.  You will find her contact info in the link below.
Please take a moment to click on the link below and learn more about Bonnie and her tried and true program!
Nicki Keohohou, Grace Keohohou and The DSWA Team

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And it gets even better for Bonnie. She recently received an award for her some of her many community and business accomplishments which is now framed and conspicuously posted at the Princess Diana Exhibit within the Atlanta Civic Center. Some pictures follow…and by the way, you might just want to call and congratulate her after you have read the words on the plaque (on the left) with your best drugstore magnifier reading glasses!

Secondly, Sandra Levitin’s Kalon Women, and Kalon Women’s Magazine are gaining major political and media traction, as membership swells to in excess of 70,000 female adherents in the 40+ category (and a few honorary male members, who shall remain nameless). You should make it your business to find out what this is all about, whether you are an upwardly mobile "woman of a certain age," an advertiser or a media professional. An excerpt follows from the release:




For Immediate Release

Dated: Friday, June 11, 2010

Information Contact: Ms. Penny Ng, penny@theNationalNetworker.com

Telephone Contact: Adam J. Kovitz, 888.317.6498, (Extension 2)






Sandra Levitin, Founder of Kalön Women and Kalön Women’s Magazine, has joined forces with TNNWC Group, LLC in a Strategic Partnership to bolster readership, to diversify media mix and branding penetration, and to increase the portfolio of benefits available to Kalön subscribers.






Sandra Levitin, Founder of Kalön Women and Kalön Women’s Magazine (http://kalon-women.com) , has joined forces with TNNWC Group, LLC (http://www.TheNationalNetworker.com) , formerly known as The National Networker Companies™ in order to increase media exposure to her very special target market, and to increase the number or product and service offerings to all members and magazine subscribers.


Both the website and the magazine focus intensively on a “celebration of the Real Woman living in the Real World today”. Sandra Levitin and her Kalon Media Group do not pander to those women who are obsessed with the rumors, gossip and other superficialities of the rich and famous.


Kalön subscribers tend to be women who are interested in addressing the real challenges and opportunities associated with a “second chance at a smarter life.”  They are, generally speaking, well-educated, well-informed, resourceful and career-minded. They are increasingly becoming the primary and dominant decision makers in all significant areas of consumerism, the political process, and in entrepreneurial and corporate business.  From the standpoint of any prospective advertiser or media buying agency, Kalön’s demographics are indisputably among the most highly desirable.


Kalon’s subject focus is becoming increasingly entrepreneurial and financial, more career-centered… further differentiating it from other women’s social forums and support groups.   


Kalön Women reaches a growing and increasingly receptive market audience of women, aged 40 and over. This particular group is the heart, soul and spirit of what The Global Futurist has termed “Generation XX”.


These women are not only re-inventing themselves… they are innovators, fast-learners, early-adopters and thought leaders.


Ms. Levitin, through membership in her web community, offers information, product and service reviews, resources, group forums, business mentoring, promotional tools and access to virtually everything relevant to her audience. As of the date of this Announcement, she has approximately 70,000 opt-in subscribers, and that number is climbing rapidly.


Learn more. Visit the website. Subscribe to the magazine. Oh, and if you’re male, learn to be very, very accommodating. Kalön readers may well be your future bosses, suppliers, clients, advisors and partners. Investigate. Join.


The website address to visit and to join Kalön Women is http://kalon-women.com .You can subscribe to the magazine directly from this home page. For the present time, you can join for free. To get an immediate download of the entire PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT, just click *Here*


Thirdly, it’s time to find out about this entire GICBC (Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community) Movement. Please have a good look at these sites and downloads. This is information that you, as an initiator, innovator, entrepreneur, or leader of an emerging enterprise, cannot afford to miss. It is a glimpse into a powerfully positive future:
With all of our best,
Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle,
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