Persuasion = An Emotional Appeal + A Logical Rationalization

Persuasion = An Emotional Appeal + A Logical Rationalization

Dear Friends, Mad Marketers, Aggressive Drivers and TNNWC Members:

The art of persuasion usually engages the emotions first, and only secondarily appeals to any logical justification or rationalization. First the heart, and then….omly then, the mind.

While I am not often in agreement with Truthout, a somewhat anti-establishment publication which is an alternative to mainstream media, I just happen to enjoy extreme media, regardless of which end of the spectrum its producers cling to. This is because non-mainstream media has a stronger emotional appeal, and usually carries with it a sense of urgency and a call to action. In marketing, a sense of urgency and a call to action translate to increased sales — in publishing, it just makes for much more interesting and entertaining reading.

This fundraising petition from Truthout (fished out of my spambox with a chain of paper clips and some rubber cement) caught my eye. While I did not donate any money [I am a miserly, selfish type of fellow], I think the structure of the appeal to readers as prospective donors is excellent, and is a very template.

Here it comes!

Dear Truthout Community,

It’s clear that mega-business stands for one thing: profit by any means necessary – even if that means corrupting our public institutions, destroying our unions and controlling our media.

That will never happen to Truthout.

We don’t feed at the corporate-money trough with NewsCorp, ABC, CNN, CBS and the like. We don’t scream fear-inducing headlines to scare you into reading our reporting. We do our best to tell it like it is, and we stand firm for our values.

Truthout is able to bring you trustworthy information and dissenting viewpoints because we’re not funded by ads from companies who profit from exploitation and war. We’re funded by readers who care about our work and want to see it continue.

This week we need your support. The events of 2011 so far demonstrate the severity of our situation, as well as the potential we all have to fight back. If you value the work Truthout does and you want to be a part of our efforts, please donate generously – we’re counting on you to help us stay strong!

We’ve got a long way to go to raise our budget this month, but we know we can get there with your support.

Click the button below to make a tax-deductible donation: ####

Sadly, I had to leave the button off. But — didn’t you find their petition compelling? They almost had me.


Douglas Castle (

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