A Business Leader Can Think Too Much About Thinking

A famous hunk of statuary, and a frequent target for pidgeons.

[I was just advised that pigeons is the proper spelling for pidgeons] 

A business leader, entrepreneur, or person with too much time and too much gray matter can actually spend too much time thinking about thinking.

This is why entrepreneurs and workaholic business and professional persons should take up hobbies, find sources of healthy irrelevent distraction and take frequent breaks from their activities. Things of a physical and repetitive nature (which require minimal cerebration) seem to work best.

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Please accept my apologies for my having mentioned the two blogs above, which, along with http://aboutDouglasCastle.blogspot.com, I shall not mention again.

And now for an example of a dangerous pattern of  paradoxical and iterative thinking which can occur when one thinks too much about thinking. This is a strenuous intellectual activity which can cause permanent brain damage in the event that the damage is not temporary.

Below, for your review, is a bit of correspondence:



This is simply a test to ensure my mail is getting through to you sending it from gmail.com online site. Simply reply when you receive this email.
– Your Associate

Dear Sir:

I refuse to dignify your “testy” email missive with a reply.

Yet in saying so, I have in fact dignified this very subject correspondence with a communication which could be construed as a reply, which is precisely what I’d hoped not to do. I am further upset by your clever means of trapping me into dignifying that which I had wished to not to dignify.

If you would be kind enough to dispose of this email without reading it (and forever remain silent about your having received it, or about my having sent it), your email to me shall in some fashion remain undignified by a response which you have (ostensibly) not read — in effect, it would be as if I’d never been ensnared into sending it to you in the first place.

 But there again, you’ve got me. For if you discard this email, the mere act of your having done so will have been at my instruction, which you most obviously could only have received through a communication initiated by me or one of my minions.

I will likely remain awake all night trying to resolve this unsolvable dilemma, which is extremely saddening, considering that I have already ascertained that the dilemma is obviously not resolvable.

Somewhere a tree is falling in a forest — and although I shall not have heard it, it shall have made a noise.

I think that I need a break from work.

Douglas (“Diogenes”) Castle

Douglas Castle 
Chairman and CEO