Access Growing Global Business Opportunities With ICS


International Connections Service (“ICS”) is a dynamic division of TNNWC Group, LLC 

A detailed manifest of the many ways in which ICS™ can help you start, build and rapidly expand your business internationally. 

1. ICS can provide your company with all of the resources which it needs to go global; this includes import, export, subcontracting, outsourcing, collaborating, partnering, selling into growing foreign markets, establishing a presence in one or more countries and anything else that you might wish to explore or to do in order to harness the resources of an entire world for the purposes of growing revenues, reducing costs and increasing profits. Welcome to our world of possibilities…welcome to your world of opportunities.


2. ICS can orchestrate international trade transactions as well as international trade relationships by identifying your best potential markets, your best potential asset and supply sources, the necessary licenses, logistics and payment mechanisms to bring them together and monitor all processes. We not only help you to grow, but we are vigilant about protecting your interests.


3. In the Global Village, it often makes sense to explore the possibility of manufacturing your products, either in part or whole, overseas. We assist you in locating the right country, the right manufacturing facility, implementing the right quality controls and in putting the package together. Outsourcing, offshoring…alone or in combination, we can help you increase your margins.


4.  Whether you are looking to acquire a residence, factory, warehouse, commercial space, office space, retail space or undeveloped land, ICS can conduct a search leading you to exactly what you need – anywhere in the world.


5. If you are interested in importing either raw materials, components or finished goods for resale, ICS will assist you in locating the most qualified, reliable and economical source. We’ll take it a step further, and assist in the negotiations, logistics and trade financing, if that’s required.


6. If you would like to introduce your product or service into the ever-expanding worldwide markets, we can assist you in every aspect of planning, implementing and growing your export business. We can locate your most probable markets, give you important pricing guidelines…we can even help you put a joint venture together with a distributor, dealer or representative agent. We screen our referrals quite thoroughly, whether they are individuals or companies, so that you can have a trusted outlet in the export market or markets that you choose. Needless to say, we are more than ready to help you with trade financing, extending credit terms and the logistics if we are called upon to do so.


7.  Financing is both the critical nutrient and crucial catalyst that enables commerce. ICS provides its clients with a full spectrum of financial resources to empower them to expand their operations globally with the greatest possible degree of safety and success. Financial services, including banking, accounting, foreign exchange, credit guarantees and merchant payment processing resources enable you to be conduct transactional and inter-company business continually apprised of your financial position, your operating trends, your progress…to be able to monitor your business interests from any remote destination at any time;


8.  We have the ability to introduce you to independent CPAs, Chartered Accountants, and other similarly qualified experts at preparing financial statements and regulatory (tax) filings and returns to ensure that your global interests are being impartially monitored and are in compliance with applicable recordkeeping and tax reporting requirements. We also recognize the need for various types of audits including: operational, financial, forensic and compliance reviews prior to and after engaging in either an investment or commencement of business with companies in different parts of the world.


9. ICS has a host of IT services to keep you in constant communication with your geographically expanding organization, to provide you with the data and metrics crucial to the operation of your business wherever it is being transacted, and to be certain that you have systematic compatibility and state-of-the-art technology for maximum performance.


10. We believe optimal decision making requires the best possible information (data) in the most readily useable form. We can and will undertake the research necessary to help you in making the most productive and profitable business decisions while keeping you apprised of the prospective risks which may be involved. Many risks can be eliminated or addressed – but you need to identify them first.


11. ICS will assist you in establishing the right banking relationships necessary to accommodate international business, both in your home country and in any foreign jurisdiction. Some of these services may include or involve check collection, payment clearance, letter of credit issuance and negotiation, and settling foreign exchange transactions. A bank with a good local (and global) presence, a complete knowledge of Incoterms, and some in-house experts at various aspects of trade can be a tremendous resource to your business.


12.  Trade financing allows you to offer credit terms to product purchasers (distributors, dealers and other re-sellers) internationally, while getting a portion of your payment immediately from a third party source, supporting increasing sales while accelerating inbound cash flow for operations and growth. The arrangements vary (depending upon your needs), and the collateral can range from inventories to purchase orders (secured or unsecured) to accounts receivable.


13.  If you are going to engage in commerce with a party whose credit you are unfamiliar with, you would ideally like to be paid in advance – that is generally unrealistic. The party purchasing the goods or services from you would like for you to deliver first, and for them to make payment after delivery and satisfactory inspection – that is also generally unrealistic. Credit guarantees provided by viable guarantors allow you to ship or deliver goods, with the knowledge that a third party will either issue or guarantee the payment to you. Credit guarantees have replaced documentary letters or credit and other conventional bank instruments in many cases. A credit guaranty makes both parties comfortable in transacting business together and serves as a powerful catalyst for expediting new transactional relationships.


14.  In business, profit opportunities have to be identified and positively exploited; but the risks associated with each opportunity must be identified, assessed and either mitigated or insured. We can help you to obtain the right policies with the right insurers so that you can eliminate concerns about political issues, business interruptions, project completion, foreign exchange instability, shipping and logistics, as well as the universally known and conventionally required corporate, officers and directors liability coverage.


15.  If your business requires, ICS can orchestrate and introduction to a merchant payment processing company (sometimes referred to collectively as “portals”) to allow you to receive and to make international payments via internet using credit cards, debit cards, virtual checks and other methods to make commerce as easy, efficient and comfortable as possible. Generally speaking, the more ways through which you can accept and process payments, the greater your potential customer base and international counterpart possibilities. We work with you to ensure maximum peace of mind as well as convenience.


16. Whether you require physical facilities (either owned, leased or acquired for use through a co-venture), or virtual offices in order to maintain a presence (or the professional appearance of a physical presence) at a counterpart or correspondence office in another country, ICS has the wherewithal to get you properly situated, and to be certain that you have whatever clerical, administrative or operations personnel, tools or systems which you may require for your specific purposes.


17. Having a virtual presence, i.e., through a mailing address, telephone answering, the miracle of cyberspace and such other accoutrements or additional services as you may require are not just superficialities – these things will have an impact on your image and ability to conduct international business, and may have significant ramifications relating to taxation and tariffs; ultimately, establishing a presence through a virtual or registered office may be more than just superficial or image-related – it may be very much to your financial advantage.


18. If you are in need of contractors in the country with or within which you are conducting your business, we can proactively assist you in getting qualified, reliable personnel at the best available terms and conditions. We can handle every aspect of your Human Resource demands.


19.  We have superb resources for the provision of healthcare no matter where you may travel or conduct business. If you should choose to travel to attend in-person meetings with your out-of-country colleagues, we can provide for your healthcare needs; if you have personnel out-of-country, we can also provide for their healthcare needs as may be required. ICS understands how significant the availability, quality and cost of maintaining optimal health (and addressing any contingencies) are.


20.  Cultural sensitivity is a critical issue. When dealing in different cultures, there are different customs and expectations for which you should be adequately prepared. Whether you are negotiating a contractual agreement, conducting a marketing survey, selling a product or a service, or attending a social gathering there are “defining moments” when ignorance of local customs, traditions, or simple manners can make or break the success of your mission and the building of your credibility and acceptance. We have access to the right people to either counsel you or to be on-site to help you to comfortably navigate your way through an unfamiliar and seemingly complicated cultural landscape.


21.    It is often to your advantage to use outsourced administrative and invoicing services – whether you are established physically in a distant geographical location, or if you operating virtually. The address from which the invoices and administrative services originate (even if merely via telephone, facsimile or email) have implications for your credibility, tax and tariff qualification, and for your security. Interestingly, many global firms have administrative and invoicing services overseas so that they are able to keep their vendor and client lists from falling into the hands of their competitors. Through ICS, we can assist you in obtaining the best personnel, and in establishing the best administrative and invoicing protocol.


22.   ICS can supply you with the experts necessary to interpret important business conversations (which are carried on multilingually), and to translate marketing, technical and legal documents from one language to another as it suits your best business purposes. Being successful globally means never permitting any misinterpretation, and never letting the precise meaning and tone of any correspondence or document become “lost in translation.”


23.   We offer a comprehensive menu of other, more specialized business services which can not only assist you in getting organized and positioned globally, but which can also give you substantial marketing advantages over any of the existing or prospective competitors within your market space. ICS has formidable resources when it comes to helping our clients in entering new markets, acquiring increased market share, and in client (or other relationship) retention. Look over each of these special business services with a view toward how they can accelerate your success and minimize “trial and error” exposure.


24.   Our in-country research services can help you identify the best sources of the materials and Human assets that you’ll need. Additionally, our market research is conducted by experts within the market you are intending to address. More than simply acquiring “native knowledge,” you will be able to determine, with a high level of certainty whether or not your product or service is right for a particular cultural or geographical market, and, if it shows true promise, the optimal way to package and present it.


25.  We can put you into the trusted hands of the best in-country marketing professionals, as well as to supply you with all of the most effective marketing materials to support your country campaign sales objectives. Even the best product, service or relationship can be a failure if it is not properly packaged, presented and promoted. Culturally-sensitive branding and messaging are key tools in your pursuit of market acquisition and dominance.


26.   ICS has a core team of internet experts, based internationally, to be certain that your website, blogs, newsletters, reports and other internet-based communications and presentation are fine-tuned to the psychographics and cultural sensitivities of the vast group of consumers, vendors and co-venturers who comprise the highly-diverse international audience. They can handle every aspect from design to translation; to hosting and interconnectivity; and from client relations and list management to interactivity (visitor engagement and experience with the website or blog) and fulfillment.



27.   Even if you are one of the most popular brands in your home country, your name, site and information might not be positioned very high on the search engine rankings of the major search engines in other countries…a whole market of people who need what you have to offer simply cannot find you. Some of the causative issues are translation into the predominant local language and creating credible back links and bookmark reviews in a different geographical locus or community, to name just two. By leveraging what you have already created with our own specialized knowledge of SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”), we can bolster your brand in the most-popular in-country search engines so that your prominence, visibility and influence can be extended into a new territory and culture.



28.    Of course we can help your with your shipping and logistics…but we are ready, willing and able to make transportation, lodging and concierge arrangements necessary to move your most important assets — your own personnel – or your foreign counterpart’s key personnel — to wherever you may need them to be. We understand the need for comfort, as well as the need for precise arrangements at a moment’s notice. ICS can coordinate your travel requirements so that you can focus on business planning and development.


29.   ICS does not provide legal, financial, tax, regulatory or investment advice to its clients. But we can rapidly locate and make arrangements with the professionals you need, with the appropriate expertise, cultural sensitivity, and availability to address your company’s business operating and regulatory compliance requirements anywhere in the world.


30.    If it is advisable for you to form a company (either a company chartered in your new “correspondent” jurisdiction or an International Business Company in a third-party country), we can orchestrate the entire process for you, including, but not limited to chartering, filing, notary and apostille services, obtaining nominee or active directors with the right “pedigrees”, establishing a representative/ registered office (with communications capability and a physical presence), obtaining business licenses, initiating banking relationships, creating stakeholder agreements, related asset protection (and ownership) trusts with qualified trustees, protectors and advisors, and the most well-established and historically-proven strategies to insulate your assets from the reach of creditors, and for ongoing management and distribution of wealth or passive earnings generated by that wealth.


31.  We can assist you in virtually every important aspect of researching and filing domestic and multinational trademarks, service marks, logotypes, patents and other intellectual property which you may wish to develop for either your own use, or to license for third-party use in consideration of a royalty. This is necessary to prevent abuse and piracy of the intellectual property into which you’ve invested a great amount of time and financial resources. Your protection must be duly filed in every jurisdiction where you intend to market to ensure complete legal coverage and a pre-emptive defense of your rights.


32.   The laws governing business contracts, especially between entities chartered in and conducting business in, multiple jurisdictions. Sometimes there are issues of differences in the laws (conflicts of laws), or in determining which nation’s laws will prevail or preside in the case of a dispute or disagreement, or which nation or state will serve as the venue for any court, arbitration or mediation proceedings. It is best to have these issues ironed out at the outset of any contractual business relationship in order to ensure the clearest understanding between the parties, and the most expedient means of settling differences, in the event that there are any.


33.   ICS has the cumulative experience, expertise and diversified technical and industrial skills to assist you in negotiating the best terms of any international transaction, relationship or contract. In fact, it is often desirable to have a third party in a position of some real or perceived authority to have a voice in the negotiations on your behalf – it provides you with more negotiating leverage and with a basis for making concessions (or standing firm), without making either party become resentful or lose face. There is both a science and an art to negotiations – and we stand ready to help you close deals and make business happen.

Note: To get a jumpstart from one of our highly-qualified and client-friendly Service Representatives or Advisors, simply send us an email with your inquiry and communications information to TNNWC by clicking on: CONTACT TNNWC. We’ll get back to you straightaway – and we’re prepared to listen to you so that we can create a mechanism which exactly suits your specialized needs, objectives and budgetary considerations. We’ll guide you through the entire process.

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