The Personal And Business Synergy Of Inspiration – Teach Someone Something

You have the power, if you should choose to use it, to transform somebody’s young life, or several young lives, or perhaps an intire generation with some well-timed, carefully thought-out words of encouragement.

If you are fortunate enough to be a mentor, teacher, coach, trainer or leader, you have the power, if you act wisely, to change the entire course of a young person‘s life with only a few words of encouragement or inspiration. It is a sacred obligation to pass on to others what we have learned — it is part of keeping a culture — an entire civilization — alive.

The impression which you make on a young, formative mind is your immortality. It is a chance to exponentialize your influence to make positive changes in the world.

These people may be students, interns, campers, trainees, employees… it doesn’t matter. If you are in a position of authority and power, use it for benefit of all of Humankind by touching another life, by sparking an idea, by kindling an inspiration; by paying a sincere compliment to a young, insecure soul in a world filled with insults and harsh penalties for nonconformity.

It is more than just noblesse oblige. It is more than the repayment of some karmic debt. It is a privilege to be invited into a person’s life as a trusted advisor. It is an opportunity not to be squandered. It is your chance to initiate a chain of events which can lead to a positive change for our entire species.

Pass the torch. Don’t leave this world without your indelible signature. If there is goodness inside of you, you must pass it on to someone who can further your mission. The torch must be kept burning.


Douglas Castle




The material which follows was stolen (with my permission) from my RadioDAZZ blog, and is being re-posted to Humanitas Maximus, Braintenance, Sending Signals, Internal Energy Plus, Reason Out Of Randomness and perhaps to some of my other blogs. I haven’t decided yet.


Simply click on the above picture to see a higher-resolution form of it in all of its frightful glory

RadioDAZZ Music Breaks!

It’s simple. A wonderful performance (live, in concert) of a terrifically harmonious and highly catchy rock and roll tune by the group called the Cyrkle. It was a Top 40 pop radio hit. As you walked along Jones Beach, inhaling the fragrance of the ocean, Coppertone suntan lotion, and some acrid cigarette smoke, every transistor radio glistening in the summer sun was playing this song. People were tanning (it was considered healthy then), and lying on beach blankets.

In fact, by noon the beach was so incredibly crowded with blankets of all different colors and designs, each blanket almost touching the ones surrounding it, that when you looked back up at the shore from the water, it was as if a giant multicolored quilt had been placed over the pure, white sand. It seemed to hold us all together…

The song is “Red Rubber Ball,” and it was my favorite song in sixth grade. I even listed it under “Favorite Song” in my sixth grade autograph book. It was an amazing year.

Gerald Thompson, my sixth grade teacher, told me that I had a “gift for writing” and encouraged me to write short stories and poems. After going through years of feelings of utter uselessness (I was constantly failing at my classes in school, being branded as either “dumb,” a “daydreamer,” or “learning disabled,” and was always being threatened with being left back a year by my teachers), this man, with his insightfulness, sensitivity and kind words gave me a new lease on life.

It was the first year I ever received straight “A”s on my report card instead of the usual borderline or “F” grades. He believed in me so strongly that he actually convinced me to believe in myself. And I worked to prove both of us right.

Listen to “Red Rubber Ball,” which I dedicate to my sixth grade teacher and first mentor, Gerald Thompson.

Teachers can change the course of entire lives. A teacher saved mine. Maybe one saved yours. Don’t ever forget to say “thank you.” While some teachers have no right to even associate with youngsters, others are dedicated custodians and trustees of the world’s future, and of its most precious assets — our children.

Click the hyperlink below and listen to this carnival of a song, with its wonderful harmony (thirds) and simple message.


 Thank you for visiting.



Douglas Castle


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