Technology To Manage Your Technology: Case Solved

In a world filled with applications, gadgets, devices and breakthrough technology, the newest problems being created for entrepreneurs, professionals and executives on-the-go require practical, flexible, low-tech (but high-utility) solutions. There is simply no substitute for human ingenuity. D.J. Sherman, president of NewVision Mobile, Inc., is a problem-solving kind of guy, and he envisioned this day coming [and no, he is not a geek behind a gizmo – he is a realistic, grown-up businessman].

These new problems fall into two categories:

1) How do I manage (organize and coordinate) all of these information and communications tools? and,

2) How do I transport my office (an assembly of mobile phones, pads, tablets, notebooks, laptops, Kindles, Nooks, Technullities, and other peripheral devices, such as cards, drives, cords and chargers) with me wherever I need to go?

In a society of telecommuters and obsessive communicators, we are socially obligated to engage in research operations, as well as in email, texting, social media status updating, and telephoning continuously. We are on call all of the time and expected to be in touch with everyone all of the time.

Whether you multitask, rotationally task, or just plow through a seemingly endless list of “to do” list items, you need to bring your office with you — our increasing dependencies on these tools make this an ever-growing challenge. Most of us don’t have the luxury of being out of touch for long periods or of being relaxed at a desk for an entire day.  We have to be portable. We have to have our own “Go” bags ready at a moment’s notice.

NewVision Mobile, Inc., an innovative early-stage company, has designed the ideal “James Bondoffice-in-a-box solution. Mobile Logic’s sleek, versatile, case-solved travel case is the ultimate attache to consolidate and carry all of your gear — and to charge it all up while you’re waiting between meetings. The magic is that the case consolidates, organizes and integrates your gear into itself, like a second skin.

DJ is currently in preliminary discussions with several venture capitalists who like the elegance of simple, practical, ergonomic solutions to problems. Think about it: LOW-TECH, HIGH UTILITY. 

If you visit, you will feast your eyes on a nifty, tangible necessity. Sooner or later, you’ll own at least one.

As a the Chairman of TNNWC Group, LLC and the author of The Global Futurist blog, that’s the way I’d bet. And I don’t generally gamble, either.

We’ll keep you posted.

Douglas E Castle 

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