Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Executives: Smartphone Cancer Alert

Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Executives, Students and Mobile Telephone Users – Your Mobile or Smartphone may put you at a significantly increased risk of cancer.


Action: There are a number of things that you may be able to do in order to increase your level of risk. The following article, courtesy of BNET will tell you more.

Is Your Smartphone Killing You?

The World Health Organization says your cell phone can cause cancer. Find out how it does–and how to reduce the risks. Read More

This Public Service Announcement is provided for your information by LINKS 4 LIFE (http://lifelinks.blogspot.com) and TNNWC (http://www.tnnwc.com), in conjunction with Douglas E. Castle.  

Mr. Castle personally preferred the 1969-vintage avocado-colored telephones which were mounted to the kitchen wall, with receivers attached to the mounts by long, droopy, curly, cords which tended to get tangled when you impulsively paced back-and-forth about the floor during a particularly intense conversation, usually with a member of the opposite sex on the other end of the call.  While these phones probably did not correlate highly with the incidence of cancer amongst their users, it was possible to become so inextricably tangled in the ever-tightening cord that blood circulation to one or more of your limbs could be cut off. 

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